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Leave a Legacy

Meet Our Lifetime Partners

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful to all our legacy gift donors for their generous support and partnership. We hope you enjoy reading a few of their stories.

Lorissa, Denver, CO

Lorissa, Denver, CO

“I’m incredibly inspired by PCRM’s work to protect animals. I feel that animals in labs and animals used for experimentation have almost zero voice and I want to be a part of shifting that.”

Sherry & Forest, Brookfield, MA

Sherry & Forest, Brookfield, MA

“We decided to establish a $20,000 annuity to invest in PCRM’s future, as this organization is one of the most powerful game changers in the world of policy change for animal rights and improvement in human health through a vegan diet. It was a great investment for us also; a good rate of return and a good tax deduction. We had never before investigated an annuity, and PCRM staff patiently walked us through the process, explaining options and sending examples of our choices so we could understand clearly and choose what worked best for our needs. But we did not realize until afterwards how great it would feel! PCRM resonates with our deepest values, and as we shared our decision with family and friends, we felt really proud of this win-win investment. It was a lot of money for us but works well with our retirement planning — and we will always be the better for it.”

Naomi, Forest Lake, Minnesota

"I support all of the work that PCRM does. I love the fact that everything is science based. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and a vegan for 5 years. I made this bequest because I want to promote a healthy, ecologically sustainable and non-violent lifestyle even after I am gone. Dr. Barnard is a hero in my book! He and PCRM have saved so many lives, both animal and human with their work!"

Kenny & Teresa Dockery, Fleetwood, NC

“We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Barnard almost 30 years ago and have been supporters of PCRM since then. Our support has been driven by our belief that truly ethical science does not allow for living, sentient beings to be needlessly sacrificed to better human health. So many health issues can be “treated” and “cured” by simply following a better diet that excludes animals. It’s actually pretty easy to do today and requires virtually no sacrifice on our part while sparing other beings from having to sacrifice everything they have. We have provided a prominent place for PCRM in our will and plan to continue to support this great organization during our lifetime. We urge anyone and everyone to look at the work that PCRM is doing and consider supporting them – it is very important.”